Gregory Shiffner is a very innovative entrepreneur

Posted by Admin | June 4th, 2013

Gregory Shiffner is the leader of SAS Global, Inc., serving as the Chief Executive Officer and President of the United States’ leading company for antimicrobial technology. Shiffner is a very innovative entrepreneur who has been able to ensure the success of SAS Global by using his talents in marketing and operations management. It was Gregory Shiffner’s entrepreneurial spirit that led him to found SAS Global, Inc. in 2009.

Gregory Shiffner’s vision for SAS Global is to provide the market with the most effective technologies possible for controlling and protecting against harmful microorganisms and their growth. SAS Global is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is OSHA compliant.

Gregory Shiffner has been described by his peers as a funny individual who is genuine, tenacious, and brilliant. Gregory Shiffner is a committed entrepreneur who is often able to accomplish more in twenty-four hours than most can in a week.

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